Email Marketing

Have you ever subscribed to an email newsletter or asked to receive promotions and sales via email? This is email marketing. Building an effective email campaign takes a large amount of time and research to ensure that the message you are wanting portrayed is delivered correctly.

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Using the right email marketing solution is very important for the success of your campaigns. We use a robust email service that allows us to monitor and track the results of every email that is sent. We are proud of our analytics. From the time we send the email, to the time the receiver opens the email, we can track it.

Gain Subscribers

Ozarksweb can either integrate an email subscription form onto you existing WordPress installation or we can can implement your current email subscribers list. Because we have been sending emails for over 10 years now, we have researched when the best times and most efficient emails are delivered. We can design a new email template that can be modified and used for multiple campaigns so that you are not constantly re-eventing the wheel.

Need helping designing the emails? Don’t worry, we’ve got that covered.